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The tinybird philosophy: portlandia

dana milagrosa is the tinybird photographer, a seeker of beauty who spends her days chasing light & using her magical lens to find the hidden miracle in the seemingly mundane. her favorite subjects have always been children in their own element: at play & at rest, in motion & in dreamland, but always vividly alive.  she offers personalized portrait sessions for individuals, couples & families tailored specifically to your particular preferences in the location you most desire. dana is proud to offer exceptional service and incomparable patience for all children's photography sessions.  she is skilled at capturing the dynamic beauty of families in family photography sessions. 

dana has also worked as a birth assistant & is highly skilled at identifying & capturing the beauty & power of the birth experience.  she offers her photographic prowess as an addition to this momentous event, and has packages for maternity photography, birth photography and newborn photography, as desired.  these packages can be extended to include the new baby's first months or year of life.

dana's initial consultation involves a detailed discussion of client needs & desires, followed by a session scheduled for your convenience in which she strives to exceed all expectations.  her work is carefully crafted, flawlessly edited & presented with recommendations for printing for your review & approval. tinybird photography portrait sessions offer an individual, personalized element not found elsewhere, and these portrait sessions can take the place of traditional school pictures or result in remarkable images for senior portraiture. 

dana seeks to capture moments & memories to preserve them for you & your family in a way that beautifully reflects the bold adventure & subtle delight of life.

maternity photography

Much more than a  portrait photographer,

dana captures the beauty of life in all phases, all stages, all venues.  Her lenses seek to capture all moments of your journey, from the minute to the monumental.

on-location photography

Proud to offer the best value in the Portland, Oregon area

dana strongly believes that fine art & portrait photography should be accessible to all & therefore offers unbeatable session fees that include personal digital image access.

tinybird photography